domingo, 17 de fevereiro de 2008

Da Weasel - No Pincípio era (o Verbo)

Now, this might be a shock for you, but I'm not all about metal. Ok, my music library is probably 98% metal, but still, there's 2% of something else, and probably 1,5% of that is Da Weasel. Now WTF is this Da Weasel thingy, I hear my international friends ask? Obviously they're a band, but, despite the name, only they're first EP was sung in English, since then they always sing in Portuguese. This makes them the only Portuguese band in my top 3 that actually sings in Portuguese, after Moonspell (english, with some bits of Portuguese here and there) and Blasted Mechanism (English and Krakovian (google for it)).

But I do believe music is an universal language, since I love Rammstein even though I can't understand shit of German and I really like Dimmu Borgir even if I understand even less of Norwegian, so here I leave one of my favourite songs from those guys, No princípio era (o verbo) [in the beginning it was (the verb)]. If you're curious you can always try to translate the lyrics with google or babelfish.

Now, about the band itself, most people will say they're a hip-hop band, but that's incorrect. They mix so many genres that they can't really be classified that easily, so you better just listen to them and decide their genre for yourself, but note that they can vary their sound greatly from song to song. Listen to Dúia and then to Tás na boa to see what I mean. They're a full session band, with drums, turntable, guitar, bass and two vocalists, one of them with the curious stage name of... Pac-Man! Yup, he loves videogames. In fact hey actually have a song called GTA, where they talk about the mass-controlling devices we call TV's and our overall decaying little society.

And that's Da Weasel for you! A fucking awesome band, specially when playing live (went to 3 of their shows and I hope to go a 4th time this year). Hope you liked it.

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blackh0le69 disse...

Neighbours :D

Two of them used to live in a hood just in front of my house. I still see them lots of times, specially driving by car near my school.

I agree with what you say about their music style, and that's what makes me love songs like duía and then hate some others... I loved all there albuns except this last one.

And live? Well I only saw there Rock In Rio gig (I didnt went to Pavilhão Atlântico because like I said, I did not like this new album), it was AMAZING!

NebachadnezzaR disse...

Wow, living next to the stars eh? :)

Actually Duia is one of the songs I like less, along with their softer ones, like Re-tratamento or the Dialectos de Ternura. The ones I really like are the heavier/darker ones, with sad lyrics, you know?

I too didn't like the last album, but to be honest for me there's no Da Weasel album like 3º Capítulo, it's their darkest work, with really pessimistic lyrics (which I love :D). Listen to Pregos or Para a Nóia to see what I mean.

As for their gigs, I went because of the opportunity. I wouldn't go all the way to Lisbon just to see them. The thing is, for the last 3 years they've been giving shows in a town close to where I live (heard of Anadia? Where the government just closed an hospital? that's where. I live near, in Oliveira do Bairro) and the tickets were only 2/3 euros. It would be stupid not to go. I hope they give another show there again this year :)

blackh0le69 disse...

Anadia :D I've been arround there lot's of times, Aveiro=Great cakes! :D

I also like the heavy ones, the ones I really dont like are the kinds of Re-tratamento and Dialectos da Ternura (wtf? h8 it).

Still, not only the most heavy ones are cool. They have some "calm" sounds like duía wich I really like too.

My favourite songs are "Casa" and "Toda a Gente" (this one, in their live shows... it makes me cum!).

PT Lyon disse...

Rock in Rio - 03/06/06

Da Weasel and Red Hot Chili Peppers


(BTW, falta um "r" no título)

fatherkrishna disse...

Very nice nebacha! I love music that crosses genres, but I have to say of the three you showcased, I like the one with the video. Portugese rap! Excellent!!!

NebachadnezzaR disse...

Finally, a comment from one of my international friends! I was starting to doubt this "universal language" thing, since only my fellow Portuguese readers were leaving comments... I'm glad you liked it! Quite different from what I usually listen to, isn't it?

Since you liked it, I think I'm going to post some more. Stay tuned!