sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

Hi, yall!

So, this is kinda pointless since by now every single one of you already noticed that I don't quite update this place anymore. Still, I decided to make it official. I don't exactly plan on killing this blog yet, but chances are I won't go back to blogging so soon. There are a couple of reasons to this, like college life which sucks (that is, if you actually study and worry about your grades instead of partying madly every night) and the slow "fading away" (sorry, couldn't come up with a better expression) of our little blogging community. The evil Greek army finally give us our dear gnome back, but Father K's been absent for a long time (don't worry, folks, talked to him recently and he's doing fine), haven't seen funnyman in ages, deitrix still comes by from time to time but has other things to keep him busy, and...you know, it's just not the same anymore. Was fucking great while it lasted, thanks for the good times, guys ;)

Still, the problem ultimately lies with me, and my lack of will to blog. I just don't feel like it anymore, or not for now at least. Who knows, maybe I'll get back to it some time in the future, or maybe I won't, in any case this place won't go away, if for no other reason than for the memories it holds. So, while this is not a definitive goodbuy, at least not for now, it's a good occasion to get sentimental and say that I love you, guys. In a strictly manly, heteroxual kind of way. They call it bromance, or so I hear...