sábado, 22 de novembro de 2008

Tropa de Elite

Because not all good movies come from Hollywood, yesterday I decided to give a try to the Brazilian film Tropa de Elite (the English title is Elite Squad, although the literal translation would be Elite Troop). After the spectacular flic that was Cidade de Deus (City of God) I began to held Brazilian cinema in high regard, and this one didn't disapoint. It was quite the opposite, really, since it was even better than I had imagined.

Elite Squad is an intense and astonishing look at Rio de Janeiro’s notorious favelas, the volatile slums on the edge of the city, presenting an intimate look at the city’s vast and intricate web of corruption. The elite BOPE force (State Police Special Operations Battalion) combats drug trafficking, keeping order has its price though and their actions make it difficult to distinguish right from wrong and justice from revenge. BOPE Captain Nascimento is facing a crisis: in addition to the pressures of fighting within war zones, the Captain must find and train his own replacement so he can escape the day to day violence and be close to his wife who is about to give birth to their first child. Two of the force’s newest recruits, are childhood friends: one is quick on the trigger to maintain order and the other refuses to compromise his ideals. Together they are the perfect replacement, but alone they may not have what it takes to survive.

(fan made trailer, but it turned out pretty good, way better than any of the english trailers, although it spoils the movie a bit...)

As a film it does everything right. The characters are just great, the pace is perfect, the story is engaging and the special effects are worthy of Hollywood. The subject is a bit controversial, of course, and none of the main characters are your typical "good cop", but if you like hard, gritty, realistic movies about an equally hard reality, give this one a try.

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Ice Koobs disse...

I really like City of God. It had enough to keep you engaged, but threw out enough twists to stop it becoming predictable. So if this better I might look into finding it to watch.

NebachadnezzaR disse...

If it's better or worse obviously depends of one's personal taste, but if you liked City of God I'm pretty sure you'll love Elite Squad.

fatherkrishna disse...

I'm quite proud to say that they showed my 14 year old son "City Of God" in his media studies class in school (as well as Farenheit 911)

This truly looks amazing and I will definitely seek it out. It vaguely reminds me of the Infernal Affairs/Departed movies from what you've shown.

Damn those favelas look ugly.