sábado, 3 de maio de 2008

Music DVD weekend!

Ok, not really, since I won't be spending the entire weekend watching my newest acquisitions, but it was the best title I came up with... Anywho, my music DVD collection has just grown larger, thanks to not one, but two new discs! The first was the final piece in my (now) complete Dark Funeral discography.

Yup, that's right, I'm speaking of Attera Orbis Terrarum Part 1!!! (part 2 is coming out this year) This is a rather special release because black metal bands are not exactly known for their dvd's, in fact they rarely release one, so to be able to have an official live record of one of my favourite bands is truly great!

Unfortunately, as I was already expecting, my two favourite tracks, "In the Sign of the Horns " and "Thy Legions Come", are not on the tracklist, but they're the only ones missing, for all the other great tracks are there.

Secrets of the Black Arts

Ravenna Strigoi Mortii

The second is Mastodon's The Workhorse Chronicles, a truly great release featuring tons of content, from the usual concert footage to detailed interviews with the band and that sort of extras. About the live performance, in this gig they played practically every song that matters from their first EP (Lifesblood), compilation album (Call of the Mastodon) and both first and second full-lenght cd's (Remission and Leviathan).

Blood and Thunder

(not from the dvd, couldn't find it on youtube)

Expect fucking brilliant songs then, like Blood and Thunder, shown above, or Hearts Alive, shown below. This one, like the last Iron Maiden song I've posted, is also rated FE (for Fucking Epic)! Really, I'm not kidding, you owe to yourself to watch this, so be sure to play the youtube video that follows:

Hearts Alive

Have you finished watching it? Good, otherwise you've just missed one of the best songs EVAH!!!

Now I can't wait for another Mastodon DVD, because their last album (released after this dvd) is just utterly brilliant, great, AMAZING!!! It lacks something as epic as Hearts Alive, but other than that it's better than all their previous releases put together. Yup, it's that good! In fact it's so good that I think I'm going to make a post just about it! Expect it soon...

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FUNNYMAN disse...

This has nothing to do with the post, but I thought I would let you know that Michelle is playing hard to get. I am trying to get her drunk and then bring her to a stripe club, but it has come to no avail. What do I have to do to get down and dirty with her? By the way, I am talking about GTA 4.

NebachadnezzaR disse...

Ahh...I usually just go somewhere fun, like bowling or darts, and then "try my luck" at her apartment. No need to get her drunk, since so far she haven't refused even once (I got lucky everytime).

fatherkrishna disse...

I liked the Mastodon tracks, the others (particularly the one at the top of the post) were a little too hardcore for me!

My son has GTA4 but I'm just not interested.

NebachadnezzaR disse...

Mastodon is really an awesome band, you must definitely check out my future post about their latest cd.

Oh, and when are we going to play some VF5 online? I'm ready to get my ass kicked! :D

FUNNYMAN disse...

I did it! Yes, it happened to me yesterday. I banged her like there was no tomorrow, and I unlocked an orgasm achievement or something.

NebachadnezzaR disse...

Good for you :)

FUNNYMAN disse...

The actual sex itself was disappointing. You don't get to see anything. I thought Chains of Olympus and Mass Effect had much better sex. Maybe GTA 5 will have sex that is more graphic.