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Moonspell megapost

Because the greatest Portuguese metal band can't be praised enough...

Following Father K's and dxvolt's (you got to come by here more often....) enthusiastic response to my last post, I decided to make a whole post dedicated to the band's previous cd, Memorial, because there are just more than enough songs for a dedicated post (I'm going to post some from Wolfheart in the future). Here they are, 5 tracks for your listening pleasure, enjoy:


The first single, fucking awesome, isn't it? :) Nice riff, cool lyrics, it basically represents what this album is all about. If you like it, you'll probably like the rest.

Blood Tells

With this song begins what I call "the blood trilogy". You'll see why in the next two songs.

Upon the Blood of Men

That choir is a beautiful way to start a song, ain't it? Very nice, melodic track with a great guitar solo near the end.


The term "sanguine" actually has nothing to do with blood, but it always reminds me of it because in Portuguese blood is "sangue". Can you spot the similarity? Also, they speak of blood in the chorus, so it probably has something to do with the song after all.


Beautiful, sad but beautiful. This was the second single and one of my favourite tracks, just listen to it and you'll see why. "Thinking about you..."

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dxvolt disse...

What a great post this is!! I go with your sugestion and try to comment here more often. Thank you for the videos and passion about Moonspell!!
They and You Rock ;)

Listening to Mephisto (Irreligious 1996) and Scorpion Flower (Night Eternal 2008) \m/

NebachadnezzaR disse...

You're welcome here any time :) specially when I make music posts that usually are not very popular among my usual reader-base.