quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2008

Nothing's perfect

Forget to mention something on my last post about Mass Effect. Although the dialog system is really great, it has one major flaw: you can't just suddenly be British any time you feel like it!

(click the pictures for original size)
Also, the elevators are a major pain in the ass:

By the way, my beautiful limited tin/steelbook (whatever you want to call it) edition of Bioshock finally arrived! Been exploring the most interesting city of Rapture for some time and the game is just fucking great. More on that when later.

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fatherkrishna disse...

LOL! Love that comic! Plus it's true! We all want to be a little British from time to time don't we?

By now you should be 'enraptured' by Bioshock... and you got the collectors edition! Damn! Enjoy...

FUNNYMAN disse...

Both games made my list of top 10 best games in 2007. I don't want to reveal the entire list, but everyone will find out soon enough.