terça-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2008

Little Britain

Well, I don't actually have much to say on this one. You probably already know about this awesome series, but in case you've missed it, now's your chance to watch some of the most hilarious sketches I've ever seen.

Like the Scottish hotel:

It's not yes...it's yeeeeeeeeees!

Even more Scottish hotel:

Andy and Lou:

Or even Boris, the babysitter:

7 comentários:

FUNNYMAN disse...

I can't even see the videos.

NebachadnezzaR disse...

Hum? Something wrong with your browser, funnyman?

I can see them perfectly.

FUNNYMAN disse...

I see them now. It was my computer and not the videos.

fatherkrishna disse...

Yes Nebacha, Little Britain is very amazing, although it's been somewhat hammered on repeat in the UK. EVERYONE does the catch-phrases, "I want that one.." "Computer says no" and "Yeah but, no but" ALL the time!

Those two guys (Matt Lucas and David Walliams) must be BILLIONAIRES by now, as you can buy anything from Little Britain socks and underpants to even Little Britain (The Videogame) on PS2!

I'm gonna send you a video of a Dreamcast game intro that might reveal a familiar Little Britain face...

NebachadnezzaR disse...

We don't have that problem here in Portugal, it's only occasionally shown on a cable channel, so many people don't even know about it.

Meanwhile, I'll wait for that video. :)

gnome disse...

Hey! I didn't know this one... Nice! Thanks Nebacha!

FUNNYMAN disse...

Have you ever seen The Office? That show is hilarious.