segunda-feira, 3 de setembro de 2007

Room decoration

Like my God of War 2 poster? :)

(click to see it in it's full glory)

Sorry for the bad picture, but it's the best I can get with my phone. I thought about sharing this magnificent view with you guys, since it's easily one of my best posters. In case you're wondering, yes, it came with the Portuguese edition of the Official PlayStation Magazine, but no, I haven't bought the magazine, I managed to get it some other way..., so I'm not entirely in the dark side of gaming yet xD

By the way, I also have this cute one, from the same magazine, with a Little Big Planet theme. Aren't the little guys so adorable?

But fear not, for my room is not deprived of SEGA-related decoration. Here is just one example of that, my commemorative poster of Sonic's 10th birthday and a Soul Calibur one on the bottom, featuring that big breasted beauty called Ivy.

And by the way, since I'm already in a photo show-off, here's my customized Dreamcast! Ok, it's just a sticker, but I think it fits really well. What do you guys think of it?

3 comentários:

gnome disse...

Love the posters, love the Dreamcast and its sticker, but most of all absolutely lust for some Little Big Planet art.

fatherkrishna disse...

Love the posters and the Dreamcast Mod! Jealous of the Shenmue one, and dare I say it but I'm intrigued by Little Big Planet myself...

J disse...

Peel it off. Dreamcast standard issue sexy should not be tainted. *shakes fist*