terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2007

Blind Guardian awesomeness!

Say hello to the latest acquisition for my music DVD collection:

Blind Guardian - Imaginations Through the Looking Glass

Being the only DVD they released so far, this and the CD Tokyo Tales are the only way to listen to this great band playing live in the comfort of your home.

Wait, don't know who Blind Guardian are? Well, for a start you can look here and here, but I can also try to define them myself, of course. They started as a Speed Metal band, but after the album Somewhere Far Beyond they started to sound more like Power Metal, and, like all Power Metal bands, their lyrical themes are mostly about fantasy tales and legends. One difference between BG and other Power Metal bands, though, is that, although every band sing about fantasy settings that immediately remind us of well known books, although never making references to any book in particular, BG never try to hide their influences, with obvious songs like Lord of the Rings or The Quest for Tanelorn.

Since I'm already talking about LotR, Tolkien is probably the single biggest influence of BG's work, with an entire album dedicated to singing about The Silmarillion. Their music is not consensual, though, and I've already introduced BG to Tolkien fans, with negative reactions.

Now, about this DVD in particular. Well, to be honest, I only know 3 songs present in it, since as of now I only have 2 albums, Somewhere Far Beyond and Forgotten Tales. Anyway, those songs are great when played Live, although not perfect (I'm used to Iron Maiden's perfectly played live songs, so I'm picky about this). LotR's final is not as good as in the orchestral version present in Forgotten Tales, and the very end of Somewhere Far Beyond could also be better, with the guitar playing too low and the vocalist singing the final lyrics with fewer enthusiasm than I expected. I also miss the song The Quest for Tanelorn, but hey, you can't have it all, can you?

Still, despite this, these songs are really great, and The Bard's Song is near perfection, so this DVD was worth it.

If you're interested in this DVD or Blind Guardian in general but don't want to waste money without knowing if you're gonna like their music, here are the songs I mentioned:

- Lord of the Rings (not the one present on the DVD, couldn't find that one)

- Somewhere Far Beyond

- The Bard's Song (in the forest)

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fatherkrishna disse...

Yep! I'm loving this band! Though wether I'll buy or just sneakily download a few tunes remains to be seen... :)

NebachadnezzaR disse...

Really? How excellent! After introducing the band to 2 friends who are both Tolkien and Metal fans, with both desliking it, I'm so happy to finally find someone who likes it! :)