quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2009

AVGN - Moonwalker

'Nuff said...

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Junlee disse...

LMAO! Good thing I never got very far in that game.

FUNNYMAN disse...

This game must have been prior to Michael Jackson's days of climbing trees, plastic surgery, and molesting Macaulay Culkin.

NebachadnezzaR disse...

All the "rescue children" stuff is so fucking ironic nowadays, isn't it?... xD

fatherkrishna disse...

The review is hilarious! AVGN rocks!

I have to say though, that despite it's flaws, that game looks pretty cool for a 16 bit game from the 80s!

I have the 8 bit Master System version and have it on my Megadrive Emulation disc for the Dreamcast, so I can play it in all it's 16 bit glory. I fucking love it!

Oh and if you fancy a bit of Michael gameplay RIGHT NOW, try this:


or this:


or erm... this?


NebachadnezzaR disse...

Those links were full of LOL xD