quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2008

It's Christmas, it's Christmas, la la la la la...

The title makes more sense in Portuguese... (it's a Christmas song) Anyway, update time! The exams are finally over (finally!), although I still have a project to do for Book and Publishing History (that sounds weird in English, doesn't it? Maybe I translated it wrong...) and I'm fucking sick! Fucking tonsillitis, it's the same shit every year... And the doctor didn't even gave me an antibiotic... (not to mention I waited two hours to be checked in 10 minutes...)

Other than that life is good at the moment. Sort of... I'm definitely in a bad luck streak when it comes to hardware. My PC is starting to break (poor bastard, it's been 4 years of intensive (ab)use), my PS2's laser finally wore off and now the bitch doesn't read anything and, to top it off, my Xbox 360 got the RRoD. AGAIN! I can't fucking believe this shit! The first time I was like "ok, nothing to worry about M$ will take care of it". The fuck they did! Only one year has passed and this shit happened again. On the same console! (I know it's the same because of the serial number). Shit...

On the other hand, yesterday I occasional passed by a GAME store (they just recently started popping up over here, before we had no major retailers, only independent shops) and OMG what did I see? A used Xbox for 50€! That's as cheap as they get here! I couldn't resist so I passed by today to pick it up and it really seems to be in good condition, looks like the previous owner barely touched it (it has practically no scratches and only a handful of gamesaves on the hard-drive). It came with two controllers too, although I had to pay an additional 10 euros for those (still pretty cheap).

Right now I'm preparing to mod it because, you know, given the awesome potential of the system, having an unmodded Xbox is practically a sin. Wish me luck (I so hope my bad luck streak as finally passed, otherwise I'll probably brick it when trying to mod it...).

Edit: Great success! I managed to mod the sucker! :D Here, take a look at the process:

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Junlee disse...

Good lord! It looks a hot mess in that picture! lol

And doesn't M$ fix your shit for free because of the RRoD? Either way, it's still shit that it happens all the time.

Good luck that. And Merry Christmas! :D

FUNNYMAN disse...

I feel your pain Neba. I know what it feels like to have a red ring. Microsoft does fix it for free if you are under the three year warranty only if you have three out of the four quadrants red. Otherwise, you have to pay for the repairs.

Tartaruga Genial disse...

Neba the pirate of the white 360 ship, again in the tumultuous and fucked up sea of RROD. That's really bad. Watch out for ASAE dude! xD

dxvolt disse...

Hi Neba.
Happy New Year!

Man about X360, in my case with the second RROD I would have selled imediatly the console.
(Hope I Spell Correctly ops :D)

Damn RROD I hate it.

dxvolt disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
dxvolt disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
dxvolt disse...

And by the way i'm starting a blog about games. Hope see you there many times.

Change the past link you have there with that:

Arena de Jogo

Cheers bro

fatherkrishna disse...

Merry Christmas dude! Like your Xbox-mod thing... Maybe it's time for some Saturn/Dreamcast gaming?

Hope your 360 returms ASAP!

blondejon disse...

thats an original xbox, why is everyone talking about the 360?? xbmc for the win neb my friend, if it had done 1080p h.264 decoding id still have it now

Anónimo disse...

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