sábado, 27 de setembro de 2008

Happy birthday!

I have to begin this post with a shameful fact: I forgot about this blog's birthday. OMFG, what a terrible blogger I am! It's like forgetting the birthday of your children, or something! Well, on the other hand, maybe I just had such a good time here that I never thought, even for a second, that one full year might have already passed, so it came as quite a shock when I saw that my first post was written on the 30th of August, 2007.

(unrelated, just something that made me lol)

One year, it's quite a long time on the internets, isn't it? In a world where new sites and blogs appear everyday just to disappear the next day, I feel kind of proud to have created a placed that endured almost 13 months now and shows no sign of stopping. And I won't stop, as long as I have things to say and people to read them.

Which leads me to the awesome readers I have here. I know this may sound lame, but without you this place wouldn't exist, and I'm serious, because I had another blog, a few years ago, that I stopped working on because I barely had any readers. Fortunately that is not the case with NebachadnezzaR's Place of Awesomeness, thanks to my "blog buddies" Father Krishna, Gnome, Deitrix, Junlee, Funnyman and Blondjon; my friends from PTGamers who ocasionally come by, TGenial, Blackhole69, German and Simbyotic; my heavy metal mate dxvolt and the only visitor who's also a friend in real life, my main man Fredy.

Thanks, guys :)

Now, let's fucking party! The beer's on the house, and so are the cigars and the champagne, so feel free to consume whatever makes you happy :P

8 comentários:

Junlee disse...

Sweet! It is really cool that we've been able to keep up our blogs for so long and create these friendships.

And thanks for the shout out! :D

DEITRIX disse...

Cheers! -and hope for many more..!!

Can you bring some of that Beer over this way..?

Fredy disse...

Gratz man, even with college and stuff now i hope you can keep it going :D

Tartaruga Genial disse...

Congratulations Neba, one year is a long way of blogging. Keep the good work! As a recent blogger I struggle as well with time. Is fucked up, work, family, friends, videogames and all the other stuff that I love to do. But with passion and a lot of good will lol everything as a solution.

Happy Birthday Neba Place! :-D

Simbyotic disse...

Wait what? One year? Already?
Men youre getting old...like seriously old :P
Nah just kidding. I really enjoy your blog, its sad you didnt touch your little baby for a while but it seems your back in business (or maybe not I might be insane).

Continue with your great texts :)

Oh and I can say now that I was mentioned in a post from Nebachadne...ah forget it lets just call you Neba

gnome disse...

Happy belated birthday then dear Nebacha! May you blog long and prosper (?)! Yes, that.

fatherkrishna disse...

Wow! Happy birthday NPOA!!! *FK Lights a cigar and cracks open a beer*

This place has grown into a site that totally befits it's name!

I value the friendship that exists in our little community very highly...

Keep up the good work brother!!!

blackh0le69 disse...

Oh i can't believe it's been 1 month since my last visit to this great place of awesomeness that I even missed this post.

Congrats, and keep it going!