terça-feira, 15 de abril de 2008

Art Attack!

I am truly a Jack of all trades, master of none, and that includes drawing. Since I had enough strength to hold a pencil I remember liking to draw stuff. Eventually, as I grew up, my art evolved with me, although it never reaching an outstanding level, and somewhere around my teen years I gradually stopped doing it. Don't know exactly why, all I know is that during the last years I can only remember doing a handful of drawings, most left unfinished. Don't know if it's lack of time, skill of inspiration. Anyway, from time to time I still pick up a pencil, a piece of paper, and just draw something, usually pretty wicked.

Above is my latest work, inspired by the cover of a music album I've seen. The original drawing is a little different, since my scanner sucks and I had to do edit it a little to be anywhere near the original work. Still, despite the right side being a little darker than the left one, and other minor issues, this is pretty close to what the original looks like. Pretty neat, eh? Let's see what Deitrix, the other artist on the block, has to say about it :)

BTW, don't ask me what the hell that is. There's no story behind it, it's just "something" that looks cool (in a distorted way...).

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DEITRIX disse...

Pretty cool concept. I would shade the skull & horns more, that way it will match the body shading. Nice work on the hands- they can be tough...

To answer some of your questions:

First things first, get a tablet!! If you can doodle with a pencil, you will pick up a tablet in no time.
I would stick to a Wacom Tablet. They are the best hands down. A nice beginning tablet would be the Wacom BAMBOO. It's $79 and has 512 levels of pressure sensitivity on the pen. It will handle eveything you will be doing and for $79 you can't beat it. The BAMBOO FUN is $99 and comes with a mouse.

You said you are using Painter? Which version do you have..?

Sometimes these programs can look a bit overwhelming at fist- they did with me. Give it some time and just play with everything, doodle with all the different brushes and make notes to what did what when you save. Soon you will find a handfull of different mediums and brushes you like the best... Even the pro's will tell you they still haven't figured everything out in Painter.. ;)

Talk to u soon!

DEITRIX disse...

Actually try darkening in the body section to match the head portion... The head is drawn in a lot darker then the body is...

Once you get a tablet, bring it into Painter and mess around with coloring n' such..

NebachadnezzaR disse...

Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely mess around with it on painter and see what I can do (I have version X). Oh, and thanks for noticing the hands, they were next to impossible! I lost count of the times I had to redo them... Even now I'm not completely satisfied with the left one (left from our point of view), but that was the best I could do... The angle sure didn't help...

I'm really considering buying a tablet. Right now I'm low on money, so in the near future it'll be impossible to get one, but when I have the money I'll definitely look out for one.

Once again, thanks for the help :)

blackh0le69 disse...

I have a funny story about drawing. The fact is: I love to draw.

The other fact is: I suck at it!

But since a long way now... till 7/8 years of age, I wasnt bad, but since then... I got bad grades every year in the discipline (2/5 usually), and I just can't draw well.

Its one of the things I dont like about myself, 'cause I really love to draw.

Nice one Nebacha, I liked it.

fatherkrishna disse...

That's pretty cool Nebacha... I'm something of an amateur artist myself... A bit of a comic book doodler and very much into montage!

fatherkrishna disse...

Oh and great to see deitrix here handing out tips... What a guy!