quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2007

Happy Birthday Saturn Junkyard!!!

Oh, what a great month this is. It's Christmas, the only time of the year that still means something to me (not to mention that my first Saturn was a Christmas gift); I finally got my driving license after two failed exams; and guess what, it's the Saturn Junkyard's first birthday! Hell yeah!

Just to think that one year ago Father K was writing his first post on his new project, uncertain whether it was going to be the new reference for Saturn fans or just another blog, lost among the hundreds that are created every day. Well, now, when we look at the numbers and see nearly 22.000 hits, 200 posts, 5 contributors from all around the world and even more regular visitors that bring life to the cbox and give us precious feedback about the posts we make, I guess we all know the answer. It's a fucking huge success, that's what the SJY is!!!

So, congratulations Father on the awesome blog you made, and thanks for the opportunity you gave me of writting for it. It is truly an honour to be part of the "Saturn Junkyard family".

*raises a half-emptied bottle of champagne*

All hail the mighty Saturn, king among consoles!

All hail Segata Sanshiro, king among deities!

And, last but not least, all hail the Saturn Junkyard, king among console blogs, and his great creator, Father Krishna, king among bloggers!!!


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fatherkrishna disse...

Amazing!!! Truly amazing!!! I am fabulously touched and humbled by this most AWESOME of tributes!

I truly feel our paths (and Gnomes) were cosmically destined to cross!

The Saturn Junkyard is the sum of it's parts, and you my dear friend is a massive and very essential part of the team!!!

Thank you brother!!